Sound Ordnance Powered Subs Open a new front for bass Sound Ordnance powered subs bring the forces of good sound to your vehicle at an affordable price. These compact dynamos travel light and hit hard, with a subwoofer and amplifier built into a sturdy enclosure that easily fits into tight spots. B-8P Powered bandpass sub Bandpass subs lay down deep bass that keeps regular subs cowering in their foxholes. The B-8P puts this bass technology to work in a compact design that you can deploy in a corner of your cargo area or trunk, even behind the seat in an extended cab truck. Preamp- and speaker-level inputs let you hook this sub up to an aftermarket or factory stereo. The rugged enclosure features a clear acrylic window so you can watch your woofer in action, while durable black carpet armors the B-8P from nicks and scrapes. Tune your bass barrage for maximum effect with the variable low-pass filter and phase control. B-8P Compact powered sub If you’re strapped for space, the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD powered subwoofer turns the hard-to-fit spots in your vehicle into potent bass bastions.

10 inch Subs

Tweet March 17, GoodSound! Paul has used NRC’s advanced facilities to design his loudspeakers and subwoofers since the early ’70s. Paul had some interesting things to say about the basics of subwoofer placement Benefits of a sub The use of subwoofers in home audio is an issue of contention among audiophiles. Perhaps the most important is that a sub allows the sats to be placed where they will image best, while the sub itself can be placed where it can most evenly distribute energy throughout the listening room.

The problem At low frequencies, the room has more of an influence on the sound than does the speaker itself.

Nov 01,  · so I need a Line Input adaptor before I can hook my subs and amp up in the car.. I doubt it has the Line Input on the amp.. Also on my old setup and the only way it will setup it has to have two RCA’s does the line input come with two or just one set?

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How to Set Up a Subwoofer – Placement Basics

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Keep the hook up instructions that came included in the Kenwood car stereo with amp for reference. Take the cable (power) to the opening that has just been made from terminal that came with the kit. Take the cable towards the trunk also called the cargo region inside the vehicle.

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Hook up Powered Subwoofers: Receiver Pre-Outs

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About Us Founded in , KEF has been providing the world’s audiophiles with unparalleled sound quality, field-leading acoustic research, and a standard for everyone else to live up to.

John Ryan, using the digital coax out definitely will work. It will work to destroy the sub. Consider the advice of anyone who said you can do that as being reliably wrong. The solution is actually pretty simple. You get a sub with low level RCA inputs and outputs with its own crossover. There are many to choose from. The two RCA outputs go from the tv to the sub, which “peels” off its frequencies, then it passes whats left on to the Bose.

Home Theater Multiple Subwoofer Set-Up & Calibration Guide

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Sep 23,  · Subwoofer Hook-Up Question The thread below got me thinking – I have an Infinity PS-8 sub connected to a Pioneer receiver. I’ve got an Audio Research subwoofer cable running from the subwoofer output on the receiver into the LFE input on the sub.

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Are Two Subwoofers Better than One?

San Francisco, CA Yes. I assume your preamp has one set of multichannel analog outs, and they are designed to output audio regardless of what source is being used. Since most multichannel preamps do allow you to configure different inputs differently — for example, the sub would be active for certain sources but not others — you not only have to pay attention to how things are connected but also how you’ve configured your preamp to handle each input.

At the risk of being rude, the only way to ensure you do this is to read the owner’s manual. It’s really not complicated, but I’m surprised by the number of people who don’t read manuals when they buy new equipment and then don’t understand why things aren’t working the way they want. It was easy to never look at a manual back when everything was stereo or mono analog only, but for equipment with both digital and analog inputs and outputs, some stereo and some with multichannel, the only way to be sure you’ve configured your equipment to use its full potential is to read the manual s.

Oct 26,  · Now your ready to hook up your amp. Connect your power,ground,remote,and rca’s to the amp. Then make sure its secure and fastened to the box or run your speaker wire to the subs and as long as everything was done correctly your sub should connect when the car turns on.

How do you hook up a 3 farad capacitor to two amps? You also must know how use capacitors on the sub to make it respond only to bass! And while they do make commercially available accessories that do what Y-T-Y says, by the time you buy one that works for your situation, install it, etc. How do you hook up an amp?

Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference. How can you hook up another amp to your sub amp for your 6×9? You would bridge the amps, it will cut into your power, but that’s how you do it. This is not recommended because you take a pretty big risk of blowing both of your amps.

How do you hook up a sub-woofer and amp in a Mazda 3? How do you hook up two car stereo amps? You’ll have to hook them up Parallel to each other electronically. It would be easier with just one amp, unless you are doing the bass with one and the rest of the frequency spectrum with the other which in that case they do not need to be tied together.

Can you hook up amp and sub to park avenue?

10 inch Subs

And in order for the audio system to be good, you would need a very good subwoofer. To help you with selecting the best subwoofer In for your car, we have compiled a short list of only the highest rated 12 inch subwoofer on the market and reviewed then for your reading. You get very good boom bass while spending a lot less and utilizing very small space in your car.

The source of TV subtitles. Get your files from the source!

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How to hook up subs to an amp in my car?

So far, I have only been able to use it once. Good support for bass guitar for the multipurpose room we were playing. The one sub handled my band nicely.

Hook up your , Salt Lake City, Utah. likes. Hook up your system is a small shop with all you need for your installation we sale use or new Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. subs for sale amps amp kits .

Sorry, something has gone wrong. You can even buy an adapter for the factory radio that will connect to your factory harness and then all the speaker wires are available without the harness being cut off. They come with a wiring diagram that is very easy to follow. After that, everything is the same such as: There is another harness adapter that plugs into the factory stereo and then gives you the wires you need for the rca adapter and then plugs back into the factory speakers for mids and highs.

You will be using a fused power wire from the battery to your amp. Nothing should change the antitheft part of the system. There is a turn on from just about any factory and aftermarket unit.

[SOLUTION!] How To Install Amplifier and Subwoofers On a Stock Stereo

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