Share on Messenger Close Contained within the Good Friday agreement is a mechanism that could at any time propel Northern Ireland into a united Ireland. It is a provision that once the British and Irish governments decide to hold a referendum on the north’s constitutional status further referendums on unification have to take place every seven years from the first one. Once such a referendum is triggered, therefore, there will be continued constitutional uncertainty for unionism. At present, this hidden danger within the Belfast agreement for the union remains only a remote possibility. Nonetheless, some nationalist commentators such as Tim Pat Coogan have recently resurrected the notion of a “bio-bomb” or, to put it crudely, that Catholics are out-breeding Protestants and this will ultimately deliver unity through biology. Even if we leave aside the economic obstacles to Irish unity — the fact that the republic could not afford to absorb public-sector dominated Northern Ireland in the current dire conditions — the bio-bomb theory does not fit the facts, principally because, as the last census demonstrated, the Catholic birthrate is declining in the north. However, there are no guarantees of a Protestant demographic majority in the north in the decades to come. The one safeguard unionists would have in that scenario is that not all Catholics in Northern Ireland will necessarily vote for joining the south. Some, through an economic rationale, may opt to remain within the wider UK union.

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He included harrowing details of some of the incidents. Image caption Eamon Fox and Gary Convie were shot dead while eating their lunch at a building site in In police interviews, Haggarty said he shot the year-old in the chest from close range. He had planned to fire another five bullets into his chest, but could not do so because his gun jammed. The prosecution lawyer said Haggarty, who was promoted within the UVF after the shooting, expressed regret during interviews after agreeing to become a supergrass.

Ireland national football team — On 18 February , 15 months after the founding of the Irish FA, Ireland made their international debut against England , losing 13—0 in a friendly played at Bloomfield in Belfast. This remains the record defeat for the team, and also England’s largest winning margin. In , Ireland competed in the inaugural British Home Championship and lost all three games. Ireland did not win their first game until 19 February , a 4—1 win over Wales in Belfast.

Between their debut and this game, they had a run of 14 defeats and 1 draw, the longest run without a win in the s. Despite the end of this run, heavy defeats continued. On 3 March , they lost 11—0 to Wales and three weeks later, on 24 March, lost 10—2 to Scotland.

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In many of these areas the bonfires are family-friendly community celebrations. However, not all Protestants attend the bonfires and most Catholics avoid them. They have been condemned for displays of sectarian and ethnic hatred, anti-social behaviour, and for the damage and pollution caused by the fires. However, in recent years, there have been attempts to make the bonfires more family-friendly and environmentally-friendly.

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Meath and Kilkerley in Co. But the very oldest Irish Catholic records leap back almost another century; registers survive for Wexford Town since Admittedly, the legibility of these registers is poor for the first 15 years or so, and there are quite a few gaps in coverage across the centuries, but if your Catholic ancestors hailed from this town you have a real chance of being able to trace your family history over four centuries.

That’s exceptional for Irish genealogy. In general, the oldest records hail from the more prosperous and anglicised eastern half of the island. Registers for more densely populated and poorer parishes in the west and north usually do not start until the mid th century. Of course, the poorer areas were also those that supplied the greatest numbers of emigrants, which means that the descendants of those that left Ireland are the most likely to be frustrated by the lack of Catholic records.

Fortunately, the majority of Roman Catholic baptism and marriage registers date from the first quarter of the 19th century ie some 40 years before the Irish civil registration system began. When it comes to burial registers, the picture is rather more patchy see below. Roman Catholic baptism registers Surviving Roman Catholic baptism records usually record the date of baptism, the child’s name, the father’s name in full, the mother’s first name and maiden surname, the name of any godparents sponsors and the residence of the parents.

Unfortunately, this latter element does not always appear. The inclusion of the mother’s full maiden name, however, is the norm, unlike in Church of Ireland’ registers. This is a huge boon to Irish genealogists because it means you can be confident you are correctly matching each of the couple’s children. In areas where surnames are especially common, this would not otherwise be the case.

Cromwellian conquest of Ireland

Take the Saints Trivia Quiz now! Caesare de Rossi was born at Brandisi, kingdom of Naples, on July 22nd. He was educated by the conventual Franciscans there and by his uncle at St.

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St. Patrick

The Irish Reformation was initially restricted to Dublin , driven by its bishop, George Browne , although when Edward VI succeeded in , the pace of reform in both England and Ireland intensified. Catholicism was restored by Mary I ; four bishops had to resign as they were married but the Marian period in Ireland was largely characterised by inertia.

For example, Hugh Curwen backed the reforms of Henry and Edward, returned to Catholicism under Mary who appointed him Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin in , before switching back to the Protestant faith under Elizabeth; he was later charged with moral delinquency by Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Armagh.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Pacemaker Image caption Cantrell Close was envisaged as a shared housing area to bring communities together Four Catholic families in Belfast have left their homes having received sectarian threats, a housing authority has said. They live in Cantrell Close, a shared housing area off the Ravenhill Road. The PSNI said a paramilitary link to the threats is a “very clear line of enquiry”.

One of those who fled said police had visited his home on Tuesday night, telling the family they were under threat and would have to leave. Image caption One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said his family was stunned by the threat “I’ve just got my family out of there, we’re moving into temporary accommodation at a friend’s house,” he told BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme. He added that he had been left “stunned” by the threat, believing that his family were targeted because they are Catholics.

UVF killer Haggarty shot Catholic to hide double life

The emotional stresses faced by those living through the conflict in Northern Ireland. Michael Reinhold investigates the emotional stresses experienced by those living through the conflict in Northern Ireland. Mixed marriage The problems faced by couples of “mixed” religion in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Maura and David are a young couple who want to get married. The brain drain Max Hastings reports from Northern Ireland on why some are choosing to emigrate overseas.

Share The word Catholic katholikos from katholou — throughout the whole, i. Thus we meet such phrases as the “the catholic resurrection” Justin Martyr , “the catholic goodness of God ” Tertullian , “the four catholic winds” Irenaeus , where we should now speak of “the general resurrection “, “the absolute or universal goodness of God “, “the four principal winds”, etc. The word seems in this usage to be opposed to merikos partial or idios particular , and one familiar example of this conception still survives in the ancient phrase “Catholic Epistles” as applied to those of St.

The combination “the Catholic Church ” he katholike ekklesia is found for the first time in the letter of St. Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, written about the year From this time forward the technical signification of the word Catholic meets us with increasing frequency both East and West, until by the beginning of the fourth century it seems to have almost entirely supplanted the primitive and more general meaning.

The earlier examples have been collected by Caspari Quellen zur Geschichte des Taufsymbols, etc. Many of them still admit the meaning “universal”. Polycarp, xvi , a phrase which necessarily presupposes a more technical use of the word, is due, some critics think, to interpolation. On the other hand this sense undoubtedly occurs more than once in the Muratorian Fragment c. A little later, Clement of Alexandria speaks very clearly.

From this and other passages which might be quoted, the technical use seems to have been clearly established by the beginning of the third century. In this sense of the word it implies sound doctrine as opposed to heresy, and unity of organization as opposed to schism Lightfoot, Apostolic Fathers, Part II, vol. In fact Catholic soon became in many cases a mere appellative–the proper name, in other words, of the true Church founded by Christ, just as we now frequently speak of the Orthodox Church, when referring to the established religion of the Russian Empire, without adverting to the etymology of the title so used.

Our family, divided by the Troubles

Z What is a patron saint? Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes — anything that is important to us.

And they besought that they might behold the face of Christ. And the saint said to them: Patrick entered on the special work of the conversion of Ulster. Under the following year, the ancient annalists relate a wonderful spread of the Faith throughout the province. In a site for a church was granted at Armagh by Daire, the chieftain of the district. It was in a valley at the foot of a hill, but the saint was not content.

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